Easy handling and analysis with the new interactive expert-system even without remote control in one go.

Worldwide first system with quickest measuring procedure (approx..10s/wheel) for a vehicle-type independent evaluation of shock absorbers and whole suspension systems (according EUSAMA+ = Relation as a value between undamped and damped mass of the measured vehicle) with special simple evaluation.

Clearly visible, real time result presentation from the test unit include optional available network facilities.

An easy to understand operator quidance with automatic display of test results using a TFT display.

Customer database including test results with graphically results for further explanation on screen.

FPS 2000 ATL Vehicle test lane Scope of supply: – Installation frame set for split bed installation hot galvanized for all testers – Roller brake tester 3 t B 67 A-C – Suspension tester EUSAMA+ 2000 kg – Weight system 4000 kg – Side slip tester with relaxing plate +/- 20 mm/m – Test width 800 x 2200 mm – Measuring / display range 0 – 6 kN – ATL computer cabinet with arm for monitor – PC system with keyboard and mouse – LED monitor 22” and Diagnosis software. – Roller cover plates removable – Remote control set

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The FPS in 2000 is designed in series as a divided test bench and is suitable particularly for the examination of vehicles up to 3.5 to vehicle cross weight.

With the use of a microprocessor control as well as the full-digitized video display the test lane supports the whole range of all demands of a modern test of motor vehicles.  4-wheel-driven cars can also be tested with the optional available switching control (4×4).

During use of most modern hardware and software, the test lane has an intrinsic ‘intelligence’ which enables the test unit to indicate measured values such as trace abnormality, road holding coefficient (in%), EUSAMA+ relation value, rolling resistance, ovality, braking force, brake efficiency and imbalances in a ‘real-time’ mode, whilst automatically allocating those values to different axles or wheels independently.

The test lane provides also all basic functions for monitoring of test sequences concerning safety, an automatic selfest, a restart control as well as a slip monitoring while using the brake tester.

An clearly readable printout with configureable limit value analysis evaluation makes it easy to work with and is raising your efficiency.

The compact unit of the mechanics are produced fully galvanised includes roller cover, and is designed to be installed flush-fitting at ground level.

The FPS 2000 is EMV checked and CE – certified.  It is produced in accordance with the requirements of the German Institute for Standardisation and EN ISO 9001 exclusively and solely by the manufacturer in Germany.