Is the latest opacimeter module in the family of gas and fume analysis and control tools.

Easy to use and designed to ensure operational flexibility, OPA-300 is linked to the normal serial port of any PC (RS232 or RS485) and using the OMNIBUS800 proprietary software included, also guides the most inexpert operator in his fume control operations.

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Measuring fields:

Opacity            from 0 to 99.9 %     Res. 0.1

Opacity            from 0 to 9.99 m-1  Res. 0.01

Rev counter     from 300 to 9990 revs/min Heat.

Fume  Temp     from 20  to 400 °C    Res. 10Res. 11


Light source with green LED diode

Light receiver with photodiode

Automatic control of measuring chamber pressure

Stabilising of measuring chamber pressure at 90 °C

Automatic control of glass cleaning system

Automatic autozero

Heating time to 20 °C -10 minutes.

Automatic dirty glass control

RPM and temperature reception via radio or via EOBD socket (with AD 7100 accessory)

Serial port link RS 232

Serial network link RS 485

Power supply 11 ÷ 15 Volt DC

Consumption 1A DC, 5A DC with heating on

Operating temperature from 0 °C to 40 °C

Dimensions 360 x 280 x 288 mm

Weight 5 Kg

1 – Are the Analyzers and Smokemeters MCTCNET2-type approved?

All of the Brain Bee analyzers and smokemeters will be MCTCNET 2 – type approved as soon as the Ministry will be able to do it (probably not before October 2010). New tools will be released with MCTCNET 2 type-approval, while the tools sold earlier will have to be fitted with a hardware key and a new software. Costs will be in any case quite low.


2 – Can the gas line be interfaced with Bluetooth?

Yes, in several ways, in any case always with the introduction of the Bluetooth BT100 modules. A tool configuration with PS170 supplier module is also available making the whole setup completely independent and wireless.


3 – Does it require special maintenance?

The manufacturing quality and the selection of materials give Brain Bee tools excellent operating reliability.


Its small, compact size and 12 V d.c power supply mean it can be used as a portable tool in situations where this is necessary, held by its comfortable, ergonomic handle.



like other tools of the line, the OPA-300 opacimeter can be integrated in the different BRAIN BEE emissions control configurations, providing the end user with his own control station to meet his every requirement.

It can also be integrated in existing stations (on a Brain Bee trolley) demonstrating that restyling will not affect the performance of stations of those already working with Brain Bee tools.



In accordance with Decreto DM/628 and successive circulars, OPA-300 enables you to carry out the official test in the vehicle inspection procedure.

Conforms to the MTCTNET protocol


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