Wireless autodiagnostics for pc.
F-TOUCH is a practical tool, simple and rich in technical information and wiring diagrams, which guides the operator in detecting errors in different systems until the complete elimination of the defect of the vehicle.

F-TOUCH can be used in combination with any Personal Computer. F-TOUCH is wireless; using Bluetooth ® technology, F-TOUCH transmits data to the central unit, leaving the operator completely free of wires that would obstruct garage operations.


Multi-make tool for the diagnostics of electronic systems on board of the vehicle

Connections diagnostic connector OBD-II SAE J1962 – USB V2.0 mini-B

Wireless connection Bluetooth V2.0 with 100m range in free field

Internal cache memory 2Gb microSD.

Diagnostic lines Multiplexer: Integrated electronic switch with current protection

Power supply from vehicle battery 8-35VDC

Operating temperature 0°C / +45°C

Power 6 W max

Dimensions 150x25x48mm (L x H x P)

Weight 0,2kg

Update via PC


ISO 14230 (ISO 9141-2), ISO 11519 – J1850 PWM,

ISO 11519 – J1850 VPW, ISO 11898-2 – HIGH SPEED CAN-BUS,



RS485 (SAE J1708),

SAE J2610.


SAE J2534 Pass-Thru-compliant

1 – Is it passthrough-compatible?

The passthrough technology has not become a standard yet and at the moment it is being defined, in any case all of the Brain Bee tools are already fitted with a hardware allowing carrying out passthrough operations, a simple software modification is required

2 – Is it possible to carry out the Service reset, if so on what models?

It is possible to carry out the service on most makes and models of the European market. For instance, we can reset the service of 1.3Mjt motor with Fap filter of the Fiat Alfa and Lancia group, Mercedes, BMW, PSA group, Renault, Mini and Vag group.

3 – Is it possible to carry out the Service reset on the new Audi cars, ex. A4 ’08 and A3 ’07?

Starting from version 101 the reset for Audi models A4 ’08 and A3 ’07, it is possible to carry out the service by a simple click, as a matter of fact the system resets the service automatically without needing to enter the adaption channels or the values to carry out the function correctly.

4 – Is it possible to carry out the re generation of FAP filters?

Yes, it is possible to regenerate Fap filters on several makes and models, among which we indicate the groups VAG and FIAT.

5 – Is it possible to codify keys?

Yes, it is possible to carry out codification on models requiring electronic codification – such as Fiat models with Key card – or manual codification – such as the Toyota Yaris model – by following the procedure indicated on the monitor of the ST-6000 tool or of the FAST NET program for PC.

6 – Is it possible to codify keys on the VAG group?

No, it is not possible to codify keys of the Vag Group since the dealers do not supply the Login code.

7 – Is it possible to replace brake pads on brake-by-wire systems?

Yes, it is possible to replace pads in the brake-by-wire systems such as the EPB systems mounted on the models of the VAG group and Lancia, and the SBC systems for Mercedes models; for electro-mechanical brake models the use of a diagnostic tool is not necessary, for instance for the Renault models.

8 – Is the tool able to test SMART?

Yes, the tool can test several systems, among the most important the ABS, the AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION, and perform important functions such as key codification for 450 models.

9 – Is it possible to change the dashboard language?

Yes it is, in some dashboards such as those of Volkswagen and Audi cars.

10 – Is it possible to codify injectors, if so which ones?

Yes, it is possible to carry out codification on models of Ford, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Mercedes, Smart, Toyota manufacturers, to mention but a few.

11 – Is it possible to test automatic transmissions?

Yes it is, both for top-of-the-range models such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi and for models such as Smart, FIAT, Citroen, Hyundai etc…

12 – Does the tool require extra adapters?

It depends on the tool configuration. In case of EOBD tools, if you want to test non EOBD cars all you need is to buy the EUROPE cables case for European cars and the ASIA cables case + MUX BOX for Asian cars.

13 – Does the tool stop operating in case subscription is not renewed?

Upon subscription expiration the tool does not switch off and can be used with all available cars until expiration. Diagnostics on cars produced after the expiration date cannot be tested anymore.

14 – Can the tool print out the test results?

Through a PC software to be installed on a PC, coming with the tool or to be downloaded from our web site

15 – How can the tool be updated?

Through a completely automatic software installed on a PC connected to the internet, both at the garage and at home. The operation is simple and user friendly.


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F-TOUCH offers and improves the basic functions already offered by BRAIN BEE diagnostic tools.

Ecu information reading

Parameter/status reading

Fault codes reading/ erasure




Visual  identification of the position of diagnostic sockets and cable to be used

The F-TOUCH electronics is fitted for operation with Pass-Thru technology enabling the programming of the vehicle ECU directly by the scantoool via the PC, the connection being authorised by the model manufacturer



The vehicle database for the tool is the most comprehensive and updatable.

In a single tool a comprehensive database comprising ASIAN CARS and EUROPEAN CARS, COMMERCIAL VEHICLES included.

The updating is controlled by the annual subscription and it enables update as soon as it is available. The annual update program plans for 4 releases. Brain Bee offers several options of subscription to personalize your choice as much as possible.

With TOUCH LINE cards you can be sure your scantool will be update all the time long.

With TOUCH.NET system installed on your PC, all periodical updates are immediately identified upon their release.



New extremely useful functions have been added to the tool:

QUICK: a new search method within functions complementing the traditional tree search and allowing expert professionals to directly reach the searched system or function. By entering key-words or parts of the system or function name the diagnostic objective can be achieved more rapidly.

INTELLIGENCE – AUTODIAGNOSTICS BY FUNCTIONS: Brain Bee has re-organized the consultation of the diagnostic database by creating logical sequences in the passages necessary to correctly identify the cause of the problem to be solved. Divided by function groups, systems are arranged following a rational sequence, thus allowing the operator a true efficiency recovery and the optimization of their interventions.

DYNAMIC TESTS: allow for the identification and solution of the vehicle problems by means of a set of guided tests. Highly reliable and more accurate than the traditional interpretation by parameters comparison, these tests are specially conceived in cooperation with motor experts who constantly test their effectiveness

MULTILINGUAL SETUP SINCE THE FIRST ACTIVATION: the entry by default of the most popular languages of the automotive market allows the operator – even the less expert – to easily find the application of the F-TOUCH functions

PARAMETERS DISPLAY GRAPHS: they provide the dynamic display of the testing state progress or the activity of functions during their implementation

FREEZE FRAME – parameters recovery and reading when the error occurred.

The INFORMATIVE FUNCTIONS of the TOUCH LINE are further enhanced and more deeply integrated with your scantool-related needs, thanks to BPS – BRAIN PROBLEM SOLVER, developed in collaboration with HAYNESPRO, leader in the automotive database industry. The BPS FUNCTION is associated with the chosen license of your own self-diagnosis device and allows you to have unlimited access, throughout the whole license duration, to a huge amount of information, parameters and data sheets, constantly updated and in line with BRAIN BEE SELF-DIAGNOSIS development plan.

B-PS INFO – is the version INCLUDED IN ALL BRAIN BEE ACTIVE LICENSES: it includes all technical data required during an ordinary day at the garage, divided into seven categories

B-PS TUTOR (OPTIONAL) – is the ideal UPGRADE, for those looking for a tool that is even more comprehensive and with even better performance. It will let you run a GUIDED DIAGNOSIS and quickly find the solution to a complex issue, by searching through specific solutions for the FAULT CODE read by the TOUCH device.