AssistPlus is the central hub of any modern workshop. Four times faster and more feature rich than the Blue Box, AssistPlus is a platform that expands as new functions and partners increase.

Key aspects of the Assist service are delivered through AssistPlus, our comprehensive diagnostics device platform. Built to meet the challenges of diagnosing and repairing complex European-designed cars, the AssistPlus device combines a deep diagnostic feature set with a range of additional applications, including web browser, high-resolution stills and video camera, live connection to Assist technicians and cloud-based vehicle reporting as well as file syncing.

AssistPlus is a device platform, which means we can add new technologies and new service providers to the device as they become available, ensuring that your device expands its value to your business over time.

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Front 13.3″, 1366 x 768, touch sensitive
To vehicle 26 pin D-sub to OBDII
WiFi b/g/n
Ethernet 10/100 Mbps
USB 2 x USB A, 1 x USB B
Audio Integrated Speaker & Microphone, Audio Jack in/out
Camera 5MP supports video
Battery Life 3 hours (approx.). Recommended ambient temp. to charge – below 35ºC (95º F)
Power Supply Via 12V DC supplied by either – 110/220V AC to 12V DC adapter or OBD II cable from car
Operating System Microsoft Windows Embedded 8 Standard – 64 bit
Browser Y
PDF Viewer Y
File Manager Y
Diagnostic Features
Graphing Y
Live data Y
Remote diagnostics Y
Module coding Y
Guided special functions Y
Cloud based info system Y
Physical characteristics
Operating Temperature 0-45ºC (32-113ºF).  Optimum performance temp. range 16 – 25ºC (59 – 77ºF)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 350 x 239 x 126mm (including handle)
Weight 2.4Kg
IP rating IP42
Standard 1 Year


1.      What is Autologic AssistPlus?

The AssistPlus device is the latest diagnostic tool from Autologic. It combines proven multi-brand European vehicle diagnostics capabilities with third-party information sources and a whole host of online features to make your experience of the Assist service the best possible.

2.      How much does the AssistPlus device cost?

We have designed a series of bundle options so you can choose how you become part of Autologic Assist. However, for the latest prices, please enquire online

3.      How much will a duplicate unit cost?

A duplicate unit will cost you less, but the amount depends on how many you want. We now have some excellent pricing for workshops that want multiple devices, rather than just an extra one. Please enquire online or speak to your sales person for further information.

4.      Why should I upgrade?

AssistPlus offers you a variety of new features over the old Blue Box, here are 3 additions:

Fully integrated service and device: it is not just a tool, or a support service, or easy access to vehicle repair information. It’s all of this combined, in one place, for the first time.

It is far more advanced; software upgrades and improvements to our wireless connectivity allow seamless connections to your own Wi-Fi networks and much faster application speeds. It has a battery to help you work on cars while cranking the engine, or with a dead battery and to preserve data if there is a power cut.

Use TWO applications at once: Innovative split-screen interface allows you to have two different application screens open at once, which could mean having a video recording on the device, alongside the live diagnostics, or internet access via our custom browser to YouTube, Alldata, Autodata, Mitchel, Identifix etc.

5.      Do I need an internet connection?

Yes. Although you can still use the tool offline for diagnostics, to fully benefit from the AssistPlus tool you should have access to the internet in your repair location.

With AssistPortal, you can request technical support from the Assist service straight from the tool over the internet

With AssistRescue, our technicians can help you over the internet.

With AssistCloud, files are backed up to your cloud storage over the internet.

The AssistPlus updates are available over the internet.

6.      Do I need a Wi-Fi network?

Yes. While the AssistPlus does not need an internet connection to perform diagnostics, you will need a Wi-Fi connection to access and use the various features and applications that AssistPlus offers including printing, technical assistance and web browsing.

7.      Has the AssistPlus got a battery?

One of the major comments about the Blue box tool was a lack of battery. With AssistPlus we have listened to our customers and added this key element. The internal Lithium Ion battery supplements the AssistPlus tools’ other power sources of OBD and Mains supply to ensure you can work for longer.

8.      Is there a scope tool on the device?

Not at the moment. Any developments will be announced via the News section.

9.      Is the AssistPlus password protected?


10.  Does the AssistPlus come with a warranty?

Yes, the AssistPlus has a one-year warranty included.

11.  How does the cloud work?

When you set up your AssistPlus device, you are automatically allocated a cloud account. All files saved on your AssistPlus unit are saved on the internal disk and also saved to your cloud. If you require space on your device, you can delete the file from your internal disk. However, a copy will still exist in the cloud, which you can choose to download files to your device at any point.
If you have several AssistPlus devices, any files stored in the cloud are available to download on any other of your AssistPlus devices allowing file sharing between tools.

12.  Can I access the cloud from other mobile devices?

Not at present.

13.  Is the Cloud secure?


14.  Can I upload third party applications onto the AssistPlus?


 15.  Can I download programmes and software onto AssistPlus direct from websites


16.  Why won’t my AssistPlus turn on?

The unit is turned on by briefly pressing the power button on the front panel until the LED on the front panel illuminates
AssistPlus has three forms of power:

External supply, Internal Battery, OBD power.

The internal battery will only charge with an external supply, OBD does not charge the battery

The internal battery will only discharge when the external power supply is absent, and the OBD supplies less than 10V to the AssistPlus device.

If your unit is not turning on:

Check the fuse is securely located in the top panel. Without this, the battery will not function in the AssistPlus.

Check the power supply is securely connected. Without a secure connection, the internal battery will not charge and the unit will not power on.

Check the OBD has > 10V supplied between pins 4 and 16

17.  How long does the battery last?

The battery lasts for around 2 hours from a full charge. When it is connected to a car, AssistPlus is powered by the car battery but not charged by it. This means you will not lose any battery charge on the device and removes the risk of draining the car battery (if the car is powering it, the device will be draining the car battery and a battery support system should be used).

18.  Does the AssistPlus charge while it is connected to a car?

When the AssistPlus is connected to a car it is powered by it, but not charged by it. This means you will not lose any battery charge on the device and removes the risk of draining the car battery. (If your device has no charge and the car is powering it, the device will be draining the car battery and a battery support system should be used).

19.  What do I get in the box?

You will receive an AssistPlus unit, OBD Cable and power supply



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Faster than ever

AssistPlus is up to four times faster than our previous device, which means you can do more diagnosis, more quickly.

Full vehicle history on device

Every time you test a vehicle with the AssistPlus device, we store all the results on-device against its VIN. Should a car return to your repair shop, you can quickly review all past test results and build on your previous diagnostics work.

All your files synced in the cloud

As well as storing all files directly on the device, we sync all the reports and media files to your company’s online account.

Video and stills recording and playback

With its on-board 5-megapixel camera, you can take stills and record video directly on your device.

Built-in PDF viewer and YouTube player

Out of the box, AssistPlus comes with its own PDF and YouTube applications so you can review documents and videos as you work.

Integrated battery

AssistPlus has its own Lithium Ion long-life battery that means you do not have to shutdown and reboot the device when switching cars. You also no longer need to worry about losing your work when you disconnect from the car. Li-Ion batteries’ optimum performance is achieved within a temperature range of 16 – 25ºC (59 – 77ºF).Typically within these temperatures the battery will fully charge in about 3 hours and in an idle state will run for approx 3.5 hours. Please note that all Li-Ion batteries shut down to preserve cells at temperatures in excess of 57ºC (134ºF)


The cable you need

When you buy AssistPlus, we give you an OBD II cable so you can connect to the vehicle manufacturers we support. Manufacturer-specific cables are available as optional extras.

AssistPlus delivers comprehensive diagnostics, providing easy access to support services as well as simple viewing and sharing of vehicle information, including vehicle data, fault codes, live technical data, pictures and video.

The AssistPlus device delivers proven technical capabilities with third-party information sources and live support from experienced Autologic technicians built directly into the device.