Brain Bee D-SCOPE2

Top-of-the-range automotive oscilloscope, analyses any time of electrical and electronic signal present on board vehicles, using a standard PC as interface. With its modular structure, it allows several measuring modules to be inserted on the main body depending on the type of analysis functions required.

The versatile USB.2.0 for the link to the PC, above all the convenient  Bluetooth® module make it highly flexible for use in garage operations. The basic DSCOPE2 configuration  is complemented with the 2-channel LAB-MODULE module, which enables fast, CAN BUS type signals, in voltage ranges from ±100mV to ±50V to be analysed.

A wide range of optional accessories and modules enables the user to compose his devices in line with his specific needs. D-SCOPE2   has an internal memory, vital for acquiring and recording captured signals and for being able to analyse them in more detail.

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Vertical Resolution: 12Bit

Number of Channels: 2 Channels with BNC “common mass” connector”

Input impedance: 1MOhm

Buffer Memory: 512K

Data Logger Memory: Internal microSD (256 Mbytes min)

Sampling frequency: 6MSPS

Analog input bandwidth: 0/3MHz

DC Voltage Precision: ±1%

Measuring Scale (Volt) : from ±100mV to ±50V

Input surge protection: ±100V

Time bases (Time/Div): from 1us to 50s

Trigger: internal, programmable on Ch1 or Ch2 in Auto, Normal and Single modes


AUTORANGE DC/AC voltmeter with range up to ±50V;

AUTORANGE Ohm meter with range up to 1MOhm;

diode test with test voltage 2VDC max


“PC DATA LOGGER” FUNCTION for recording Ch1&Ch2 signals on PC

“STAND-ALONE DATA LOGGER” FUNCTION for F1 and F2 tool button measuring setup configuration Communication interface: Optoisolated USB V2.0 and BLUETOOTH ®

Power: Rechargeable internal 2.2Ah Li-Ion battery with >8hrs’ autonomy

External battery charger included


Minimum system requirements for

Windows® XP or above

Processor: 1MHz or above

HardDisk: 100 Mbytes of free space

Monitor: 16 bit colour depth; minimum resolution 640×480

Internet connection: Recommended

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Description  is the powerful software that comes with it, enabling the user to get the most out of the tool,  also incorporating the classic LAB-SCOPE functions and the additional DMM and DATA LOGGER functions.

LAB-SCOPE: Encapsulates the standard oscilloscope functions such as entry of the type of channel coupling. selection of probe attenuation factor per channel; anti-jamming filter; wave shape measuring scale lines and cursors.

DMM: this is the entire set of Multimeter functions usable with the LAB-MODULE measuring module to carry out measurements of voltages, electrical resistance, current and Diode tests.

PC DATA LOGGER: thisenables you to record on the PC the signals displayed on video while the device is working; the recordings can be filed in a special database and be viewed later.



Exclusive function that allows you to work in situations where a direct link with the PC is not possible. This and the D-SCOPE2’s wirelessness make the tool totally autonomous.

The STAND ALONE DATA LOGGER function is able to acquire signals and memorise 2 different measuring setups even without a link to the PC.  Once the test is finished, the link-up is made in order to download the recordings to view, analyse and file them.