The new station for the new technology.

Resulting from the design and close cooperation with car manufacturers, the range of BRAIN BEE stations using R-1234yf represents the High Technology and the State-of-the-art in the A/C recharge industry.

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1 – Can it test an A/C system?

Yes, CLIMA 8000, CLIMA 8500 and CLIMA 9000 A/C systems are equipped with a software allowing manual or automatic check of the pressure values inside the car circuit and provide information required for the troubleshooting in case of malfunction such “ Gas missing”, “excessive amount of GAS” etc..


2 – Does it clean the A/C system, if so, how?

Yes it does, the CLIMA 8500 and CLIMA 9000 models are equipped with an integrated car circuit flushing system with R134a GAS, requiring no external cylinder, while for the CLIMA 8000 model a KIT with external cylinder is necessary; for the flushing function it is necessary to buy the BRAIN BEE FLUSHING KIT.


3 – Is the recharge possible on trucks?

Yes it is, since the volumes of the truck cabins are equivalent to the volumes of cars.


4 – Is the recharge possible on Busses?

For Busses a special function has to be activated (already provided) prompting the operator in case the cylinder coolant amount is insufficient.


5 – Is the recharge possible on agricultural vehicles?

Yes it is, since the volumes of the agricultural vehicles cabins are equivalent to the volumes of cars.


6 – Is it possible to mount different sizes of hoses for the recharge according to the use?

Yes, we can mount several sizes of hoses and set the Clima tool with the size adopted for the recharge.


7 – Is it equipped with a data bank?

Yes, all systems are equipped with Data Bank. CLIMA 9000 has a graphic display showing the position of components with very clear images.


8 – How can you update the data bank?

The data bank is updated by means of an USB key with software downloaded from the internet.


9 – Is it in full compliance with regulation 842/2006/EC?

All of the Brain tools are in full compliance with the European Regulation 842/2006/EC. An optional software is provided called CLIMA SOLUTION to be installed on the PC allowing the operator complying with all the provisions of the above regulation.





The heart of CLIMA 1234-HO is its LCD DISPLAY.

Simple and intuitive, the touch screen displays all the operating functions, in colour pictures, which can be activated in a quick and precise manner.

The extreme brightness of the display ensures good visibility of parameters in almost all lighting conditions.

Besides the modern display, the station is equipped with analogue pressure gauges ensuring full control.

The integrated printer provides a hard copy record of the A/C system being serviced.

The station is ready to be connected to the REFRIGERANT GAS IDENTIFIER (option) as per the specifications by VDA (GERMAN ASSOCIATION OF THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY).

Extended operating capacity is ensured by the HIGH PERFORMANCE VACUUM PUMP and by the 20-LITER GAS VESSEL the station is equipped with.

Extreme recovery and charge accuracy, also ensured by the implementation of the INJECTION technology (BRAIN BEE patent), which allows for a total control of gas use and costs.

Lastly, all serviceable parts and components are easily accessible and located in a position that allows for fast replacement.



CLIMA 1234-HO is equipped with ECO LOCK ® quick couplers, BRAIN BEE PATENT, allowing for the reduction of gas quantities, safeguarding of operators’ safety and providing a strong contribution for the protection of the environment.

The operation of a recharge station has a strong impact on the environment, due to the formation of the so-called “puff effect”, that is to say dispersion of refrigerant in the environment that usually occurs at the end of a normal charge of a vehicle during the detachment of recharge hoses from the vehicle circuit.

Due to its mechanical shape, any traditional coupler requires the presence of a small area of interchange among components called “dead space”.

During recovery, the air in that area is sucked together with the refrigerant and contributes to the formation of non condensable gases.

After recharge, this area remains filled with refrigerant and upon hose detachment it is released in the air having an environmental and financial impact.

Following specific conformity tests carried out by TÜV RHEINLAND, the ECO LOCK ® SYSTEM has been recognized as the only technology complying with the VDA manufacturers’ specifications, therefore entirely fulfilling (and also going beyond) the requirements of containment of leaks caused by hoses detachment, which are in this way eliminated.




LONG LIFE PUMP (patent) is the special function allowing an extension of up to 1.000 hours of the average life of the pump oil used in the station.

It can be activated when the station is not used, and allows for the automatic execution of a cycle of oil regeneration. Oil is hence purified and has a longer life cycle, thus reducing operating costs.



CLIMA 1234-HO is equipped with the most comprehensive database for R1234yf on the market, which can be easily updated via CLIMA SOLUTION (option).

With unlimited validity, it automatically provides for the specific recharge parameters for the vehicle being serviced. All the phases of the planned service are thus optimized and top performance is guaranteed.


CLIMA 1234-HO can be easily updated: using CLIMA SOLUTION (optional), every available update can be downloaded from the web and installed on the station very easily.

CLIMA SOLUTION allows you to export recharge service reports and save them on your PC.

With CLIMA-1234-HO you can also store up to 100 different additional customized configurations (CUSTOM CYCLE function).