Ozone Generator Sanitizer OZ-752A

OZONE Its characteristics

Sanitization with ozone is a process that eliminates

pathogens such as germs, bacteria, viruses, moulds,

fungi, spores and yeasts from the air and water, and

removes bad odours of organic and inorganic nature.

It is based on the oxidizing properties of ozone, a natural

gas composed of three oxygen molecules (O3)

present in the stratosphere.

Its ADVANTAGES in the Automotive sector

It leaves no residue and allows to drastically reduce the use of chemicals

It does not damage the materials of the passenger compartment and does not stain the fabrics

It only takes a few minutes to sanitize a vehicle

Maximum cleaning capacity sanitizes even the most difficult points to reach.



SANITIZES the air and surfaces from pathogens such as bacteria,

fungi, mould and pollen, main causes of allergic reactions and

acts as an in-activator on viruses. Sanitization has effect also in

conditioning pipes and in the evaporator where foul-smelling

moulds are created as a result of humidity.

HYGIENIZES the passenger compartment in a natural way,

totally eliminating unpleasant odours of various kinds (smoke,

animals, mould …), bacteria and pollen – the main causes of

allergic reactions – without staining the fabrics and materials of

the vehicle.



Used since 2003 for disinfection and sterilization in water

bottling processes, it is regulated for food use by Directive

2003/40 / EC of the EFSA commission of 16 May 2003.

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Rated Voltage: DC 12V – AC 220V

Power Consumption: 40W

Ceramic Plate Size (1plate): 95X50MM

Air Volume: Max 80 CFM (2.24 M3/min)

Active Oxygen(on) : 4000 mg/h

Sound Level (DB): 30 dB

Product size(mm): D 202 x W 148 x H 150 mm

Gross Weight: 2.5Kg