Air-Nex 9410 1234YF

AIR-NEX 9410


With AIR-NEX 9410 (R1234yf) your workshop can advance to the highest technological level in air conditioning servicing without major investment, while also guaranteeing maximum quality.

This station incorporates all the technical finesse of our large BRAIN BEE AC stations. It is compact, mobile and sturdy. Using the AIR-NEX line is simple and intuitive, making them a perfect second unit or an ideal mobile solution.

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Dimensions 544 x 617 x 957 mm
Weight 65 kg
Refrigerant tank 12 l
Thermal printer optional
Eco lock optional
Hybrid function optional
N-Leak test Function with ext. opt. kit
Gas identifier optional


  • Supercharge®
  • Long Life Pump®
  • Automatic oil injection
  • Export of reports as PDF files via USB pen drive
  • Easy activation via App
  • Oil Clean function
  • Automatic purging of non-condensing gas
  • Oil bottles: 2 (fresh oil, used oil)
  • Made by MAHLE