AGC-8100 – 8200

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AGC 8100 – 8200 – Fully Automatic Transmission Cleaner and Fluid Exchange

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Product Description

Automatic Station for Automatic Transmission Service

Automatic transmissions require the ATF to be changed on average every 60,000km

Automatic fluid flow detection with temperature sensor

Built in Vehicle Database, Oil Type, Transmission Capacity, Service Connections

Wide range of adaptors developed for easy and fast connections

Step by step function guide on the colour ICD 4.3”display

Special Functions:

Dipstick Function allows operation on sealed Transmissions, where service can only be done through the oil refill plug.

Boost Function in case of transmission equipped with low flowrate pump, AGC-8200 automatically goes into BOOST mode, thus speeding up used ATF discharge

Pump away old waste ATF

Top up and Empty oil procedure (set the quantity display)

Additives injection